My second post for today, this is actually for joining a giveaway organised by Ambooyats.
I just knew about this giveaway from Mr. Mario's blog, he's joining it also.

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Good luck to me and all contestants!


date Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello reader, visitors and strangers!

How's your weekend? Hope all of you got something in mind. I'm planning to just stay at home since I already went out yesterday for the whole day with a bunch of crazy friends. Heee...

For the first time in my life, I went to Jom Heboh! It's held at Bukit Jalil for 2 days, until today.Our main plan was actually to catch a movie at OU but since one of my friends bought tickets for late afternoon screening, so we decided to do something else.

Cindy was the one who came up with the idea of going to Jom Heboh. We finally agreed, though we had no idea what we could do there. Frankly, it was fun! Farah tried her luck as a newscaster since there was an audition at Buletin Utama booth. She did okay I guess, but a bit clumsy. =p

For those of you out there who live in KL or Selangor, you can come to Jom Heboh event if you have nothing to do for this whole Sunday. I bought many things, mostly food. Heee... If you like Malaysian stars, you can meet them there also.

Have fun!




This blog owner is wishing 'Salam Maulidur Rasul' to all her blog readers and visitors. Happy holidays. Use your free time wisely and be good always.


date Friday, February 26, 2010

Miss Irahehe tagged me with these questions.

In this tag you have to talk everything about anyone that you like, which is:

1. apakah hubungan anda dengan dia?
My other half. I'm straight. She's the closest to me.

2. 5 impression terhadap dia?
- always tries to be understanding
- loves to help people
- friendly with the right people
- quite sensitive and a bit emotional
- willing to sacrifice for her loved ones
3. perkara yang paling memorable dia lakukan kepada awak?
Keeps my biggest secret ever

4. perkara yang paling memorable dia katakan pada awak?
You should stand out for yourself because you are the one who'll be responsible for every decision that you make, so never let people decide for you.

5. kalau dia kekasih awak?
She can never be one.

6. kalau dia jadi musuh awak?
Totally impossible.

7. kalau dia kekasih awak, awak akan??
Not relevant.

8. kalau dia jadi musuh awak mungkin kerana
Not relevant.

9. overall impression tentang dia?

10. the most desirable thing to do to her/him
Impress her with surprises that she'd never expect.

11. apakah awak rasa pandangan orang terhadap awak?
- arrogant (not true at all, you have to know me first)
- naive (somewhat true, I easily trust people)
- Mummy's girl (absolutely!)
- a loser in love (my own friends used to say so)

12.apakah sebenarnya perangai anda?
- sensitive
- always try to be and give the best
- forgiving

13. perangai anda yang anda benci?
- forgiving
- sensitive

14. orang yang anda ingin bersama
- Mummy
- Kimberly
- A guy who is totally different from Mummy's husband
15. katakan sesuatu untuk orang-orang yang suka anda
Thanks for liking me. =p

16. tag 4 orang
- Miss Nina
- Miss Airina
- Mr Mario
- Mr Ariff

17. no 2 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
I have no idea.

18. no 3 lelaki atau perempuan?
A man.

19. no 1 single kah?
I don't think so.

20. no 4 belajar apa?
I don't know. I have to ask him first.

p/s: Thanks a lot Irah for tagging me. I haven't yet done Ieyna's tag and I might not do it since it requires a picture.



Good morning readers!

I've just finished my morning class, am gonna grab a lunch with few girlfriends at 12.30. A good news for me which I got just now. I checked my Nuffnang account and saw something at the earnings part. I got my second buffered!

I know it may sound lame and unimportant to some of you especially if you have got buffered so many times before. This makes me happy nonetheless. Two buffered earnings in three days are an achievement for me. Thanks a lot Nuffnang and Maxis!

Will update more, got no time now. Take care and be happy always!


date Thursday, February 25, 2010


A happy day for me. Why? Because I got my first buffered! Thanks so much to Nuffnang and LG. Hoping to get more next time. :)

Will give you updates later. Have fun!


date Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The date was just a date! Period.

It was okay, not that bad but I don't think I'm ready for a new relationship. With the "digantung tak bertali" status, I don't know what to decide. Besides, I wasn't that comfortable with my date just now.

Perhaps, I'm so used with my old guy but I don't know his real feeling towards me. Is he still loving me? Does he need me? I have no idea.

Mummy many times said I should get myself to know more people. She doesn't want me to only be surrounded with familiar faces every single day. I'm of course aware of her attitude towards my so-called boyfriend.

She has gone through a lot with her husband before, and she doesn't want me to fall for the wrong person. Sometimes it's hard to be me, a person who lives in this kind of family, life and relationship. If only I have a 'real' father whom I can really call father.

Enough. Good night.


date Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cuepacs concerned about 'female dominance'

KUALA LUMPUR: Cuepacs is concerned about the increasing dominance of female employees in the civil service as it will have long-term implications on the progress and growth of the country.

Its secretary-general, Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin, said today that the trend now was that more and more women officers were being appointed to important decision-making posts.

For example, almost three quarters of the new posts in the administrative and diplomatic service were being filled by women, he said, adding that this was contrary to the present government policy to reserve only 30 percent of decision-making posts for women.

The teaching profession was also dominated by women, he added.

According to Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, the ratio of male and female teachers was 30:70.

Ahmad Shah said that while Cuepacs appreciated the government's gender equality policy, it nevertheless wanted it to be implemented with great care so as not to upset the balance between male and female employees.

He said both males and females had their own strengths and weaknesses and they should balance each other for the good of the service.

Meanwhile, the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) secretary-general, Puan Lok Yim Pheng, said that although there were more women teachers, the decision-making process in the education service was dominated by men.

She said women teachers were performing very well and providing quality education to children.

She suggested that the ministry recruit more male teachers in certain areas like sports, physical education, and co-curriculum, saying that the ideal would be a 50-50 ratio for male and female teachers. - Bernama

p/s: I believe in women power. ;D


date Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello readers and visitors!

I've just reached home from college. It was a busy day today since the second half of this semester has started. I went to several offices just to ensure, clarify and confirm my student status. It's a normal routine actually each time I start my days after mid-sem break.

All assignments were submitted this morning to respected lecturers and at the moment, I got nothing academic to do. My first presentation will only begin in two weeks time and I'm done with my Powerpoint slides. I'm an advanced student. Hahaha...

I got a date tonight and wish me luck! Have a happy day everyone. ;D



Hello semua pembaca dan pelawat blog ini. ;)

I'm still in the holiday mood, so do Nuffnang ads I think. Why they seldom come out nowadays? Just wondering. My classes will start next week and it's already Thursday. I got homeworks from my lecturers but none of them is finished.

I really have to start working on my assignments latest by tonight. Looks like this holiday mood needs to be stopped. Hehe... How're you my lovely bloggers, friends and readers? You also get a week off for CNY?

I update lagi nanti. Selamat hari Khamis. :)


date Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my fourth template. The first and the second ones did reflect my favourite colour, which is red. Pink became the colour of my third template and now I'm using green! Green is never my favourite but when I saw this template just now, I suddenly fell in love with it.

Doesn't matter if any of you think this template looks childish. I like it so much! And I'm smiling happily now, and I don't know why. My plan to sleep early didn't work. I'm gonna use the time to edit this blog, go blogwalking and clicking.

Have a happy Thursday tomorrow.


date Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life's so boring and I really need to go out but everyone else is very busy with his/her loved ones. I love being single but sometimes it feels really hurt especially when I have nobody to accompany me. It sounds selfish, I know.

I no longer have many things to talk about since I haven't gone out for days. My whole life now is surrounded by activities and works. I miss him. I shouldn't label myself as single since I'm still his. I don't know our true status. He gets jealous easily, he hates to see me with someone else but he doesn't confess his love.

How could I believe him when he tells me he needs me? He needs me but he never acts like one. I hate falling in love because it makes me weak in everything. Sorry. I'm not okay now. I wanna sleep early and forget everything.



Hello lagi sekali! Hari ni I tak berapa sibuk (tipu sikit) so I nak update blog banyak-banyak. Mummy keluar beli lunch so I can use a bit of my time for this blog. She won't get mad, I know.

What's your plan today? Mummy wants me to tag along to open houses organised by her staffs. Will they give me angpows? I haven't yet married so I should get angpows. Hehe... The money is definitely not what matters most, I just wanna go out and have some fun out of this busyness.

I also wanna catch a movie. I'm looking forward to watch Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland, he's so masculine!!! Need to ask few friends, maybe we can hangout ramai-ramai without pasangan masing-masing. Haha... A single person always acts this way I guess.

To be frank, I'm sick with some friends of mine who like to bring their partners along everytime we plan to spend time together. It's okay to know new people but it's not okay when the partners do not want their loved ones to mingle around.

If you want to lovey dovey, don't do it in front of me. Find a place for both of you. If you wanna join us, please socialise more. We don't expect you to be silent all the time when you choose to hangout with us. Pelik kan but some people are like that so just ignore them.

I'm gonna get myself a drink. Will update more later. Bye.


date Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello. Bertemu lagi di blog saya. Hehe... such a funny intro. I know I dah lama tak update blog tapi I betul-betul tak ada masa free. Setiap hari pergi class, selesaikan kerja-kerja I dan balik rumah.

Bila dah sampai rumah, I tak berehat pun sebab ada banyak kerja dah menunggu. Selain dari kerja I sendiri, I tolong Mummy with her work since she got a project for her company and she needs ideas from a younger person like me. I'm young! No perasan here. Hehe...

Basically, that's the cycle of my life at the moment. Tired? 100 percent! But I'm okay with anything related to my family. I'm willing to give my all for Mummy since she's the only person that I treasure much. Never ask me about my father, I never own one!

I'm happy with my life now and I hope all of you who are visiting this blog are happy also with whatever you do. Happy CNY!




Today, the owner of this blog wanna wish you Happy Chinese New Year. Hoping that this tiger year will bring you good lucks. Have a happy Chinese New Year readers, friends and strangers. :)



I geram lah. Geram dengan masa yang tak pernah cukup.
I've planned to update this blog regularly, but my time is so precious.
It's test season now at my college hence I'm so busy sleeping while studying. =p
Can I stop blogging? For good.
I love this blog and I love writing so much.
But then I have no time to even update a short entry.
Am actually holding an academic book now. ;)
Have a happy day. Bye.


date Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have just come back from college.
So tired today.
Had lunch alone at college cafe.
How are you guys today? Better? Good? Great?
I'm still happy and I hope I can retain this happiness.
I wanna catch a movie with Mummy tonight.
She said she got a surprise for me.
Very curious now. =p
I've cashed out my Nuffnang money.
Don't know when can I get the cheque.
I told Mummy already about this blog, and as expected, she didn't like it.
I asked her to read and value my contents.
She seemed okay I guess as I didn't talk much about myself and my family.
I know I've been writing about me and Mummy, but I never gave any clue or hint that can make people know who I am.
Mummy said she's okay with this blog, but no self pictures should be shown.
Got it Mummy!
There's a story beyond her rules.
I'll narrate it down when the time comes.
Happy Wednesday everyone.
Take a very good care of yourself.
Value what and who you have. :)


date Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm so happy today.
Many good things happened.
I should thank God for everything, I could never gain anything without His blessing.
Someone who decided to despise me and throw me away from his life suddenly came back.
Just because he heard rumours that I've met someone else.
So childish! I care less about love relationship.
It counts the least in my life at the moment.
Got so much works to do and so many things to deal with.
I don't even have time for myself, how could I spare my time with other people?
If you want to hate me, go on.
I've tried my best to be the best for someone who perceived himself as the best like you.
But, you never saw my sacrifices and whatever I did for you.
You only knew how to put the blame on me.
You did know that Mummy never approved our relationship but I turned her down so many times just for you.
Just because of my simple mistake, you walked away.
Wait! Did I make a mistake? No, I don't think so.
I chose my path, and you've chosen yours, so we're equal now.
But, I'm happy after knowing that you were jealous of someone else who didn't even exist.


date Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It took lotsa time to create a new look.
I like my new template!
I think it's so fresh compared to the previous one.
What do you think guys?
This or the previous one is better?
Am gonna feed this blog with updates later.
Gonna reply all your comments, gonna visit your site and click your nuff.
Thanks for being friends of mine in this blogosphere.
Love you all.


date Monday, February 1, 2010

I wanna change my template.
I'm feeling fresh and new, and I also want this blog to look new and fresh as well.
Currently am finding which template to be used.
Will get back to you soon.


I think I wanna be active in the blogging world.
Though life is kinda hard at the moment, I don't want it to affect my free time.
Instead of sleeping and whining and sighing, I wanna write again.
Hope this situation will remain. :)