Hello! Life has been very very difficult lately and I just didn't have enough time to really sit in front of my laptop going online, listening to music, reading e-books, playing games etc.

It's the third day of Ramadhan so Happy Ramadhan everyone! May this holy month benefit us much. I remember the time when I was surrounded with lots of familiar faces during Ramadhan, especially when we sahur and buka puasa together. I know and I'm more than sure I won't ever get such sweet moments again.

Okay, enough with the melancholy. So, how's your fasting so far? Succeed or fail? I'm glad I can fast though I'm extra busy and never having the chance to take sahur before the dawn prayer. I ate during midnight, usually before my bedtime and just considered that as my sahur.

Things are not going right between me and him, and I'm just sick with whatever he does or says. I can't stand him anymore and I never believe in living under a man's supervision, specifically if the man is him. Frankly, I never intend to fix anything in our relationship, just let things come and go. I'm falling out of love I guess.

Enough with my rambling. Happy Ramadhan again and enjoy your days during this month!


date Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi guys, I'm back!!! Whoaa! Can't believe myself that I've abandoned this 7-month old blog for two months. Anyone missed me when I wasn't around? I bet no one. :p

The truth is; I was busy with life and business! I've started a small corp. with a male friend under Mummy's 100% supervision and fund. She wants me to begin looking after myself and she believes that business can help me growing up and appreciating what I have more.

Looks like Nuffnang and Google Ads are not a priority anymore, so does blog. *sigh* I want to tell you guys many things which I've experienced for the first half of 2010. Lots of good things happened and I'm very grateful to God for giving me a chance to taste the bittersweet of life.

Hope your Monday will be better than any other days. Will catch you up later, wanna take a bath. Bye bye for now and thanks for reading! :)


date Monday, August 2, 2010