Hello. Bertemu lagi di blog saya. Hehe... such a funny intro. I know I dah lama tak update blog tapi I betul-betul tak ada masa free. Setiap hari pergi class, selesaikan kerja-kerja I dan balik rumah.

Bila dah sampai rumah, I tak berehat pun sebab ada banyak kerja dah menunggu. Selain dari kerja I sendiri, I tolong Mummy with her work since she got a project for her company and she needs ideas from a younger person like me. I'm young! No perasan here. Hehe...

Basically, that's the cycle of my life at the moment. Tired? 100 percent! But I'm okay with anything related to my family. I'm willing to give my all for Mummy since she's the only person that I treasure much. Never ask me about my father, I never own one!

I'm happy with my life now and I hope all of you who are visiting this blog are happy also with whatever you do. Happy CNY!


date Sunday, February 14, 2010

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