Hello people!
How are you today?
I'm good and happy btw. Hehe...
So tired, have just finished class at 11.
Had lunch with two friends until 12 and now, back at home.
Got one big assignment to do, must at least present a draft by this Friday.
I've watched Titanic (again =p) last night while waiting for Nuff to wake up.
The first film ever that successfully made me fall in love with the main actor.
Lucky me, it was years ago. Jack Dawson is no longer attractive.
Review? Don't have to, you can find many from the internet.
Wanna watch Avatar in 3D, haven't yet got the chance.
James Cameron is really cool in making superb movies.
Btw, Avatar is criticised for being racist and the 3D spec is actually harmful to people's health.
Perhaps I should think twice before finally buy the ticket.
Have fun everyone.
Wanna read a novel now.


date Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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