Was thinking of what to write while talking to Ieyna just now.
A big part of my heart asks me to at least jot something here, for the sake of giving breath to this blog after leaving it alone for almost a week.
I've checked my Nuffnang account just now and the earning has been updated.
That's my first online income and I don't even have any reason for joining Nuffnang.
I did so since I figured out that I can make many new friends via Nuffnang, only by clicking their ads.
Nice right?
I don't have to go out, I just stay in front of this laptop and I get friends.
No more clubbing, hanging out, shopping or any wasting time activities.
I think 2010 has really changed me.
I'm of course somewhat separated from my chill out friends.
The last activity I did with them was the pillow party.
I find no tranquility in doing my routines, my former usual routines.
I'm in a phase of finding my true self. I think I don't even know my own self.
Changing friends, activities, routines etc, hoping all of these make me happy.
Good night.


date Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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