A Malay friend called this morning.
She hasn't contacted me for quite sometime.
The conversation went like this, only the gist of everything.

Farah: Cam, got time for me?
Cammy: Ya, why? Got something to share?
Farah: I've changed. I don't know whether you and the girls will like it or not.
Cammy: You've changed to something bad hah? If so, of course we won't like it. Just tell me lah.
Farah: I'm wearing 'tudung' now.
Cammy: Good for you then. I like it. What makes you think we'll hate you because of that?
Farah: Dunno, maybe you guys will be embarrassed to hang out with me. *laughing*
Cammy: No lah. We can still go out what? Btw, what moves you?
Farah: Haikal.
Cammy: What? Haikal is a what or a who? You're kidding?
Farah: No. Haikal said he wants me to wear 'tudung' and he thinks I'm prettier with 'tudung'.
Cammy: Ooo... if you wanna do as what he says or likes, go on. If you're worried about our friendship, nothing will change. We're your friends and you're our friend. Don't forget till death do us part. *laughing*
Farah: Thanks a lot Cam. Got to go. Will call you later. Bye.

End of conversation. Me? Speechless.
Since Farah doesn't know this blog (as what I thought), I think it's okay to write down our conversation.
My principle: Do anything you wanna do, only when your mind and heart really wanna do it.
I used to have few friends, male and female, who liked to change or do some improvements on themselves just because their loved ones wanted them to.
In the end, when they broke up, all reverted to their old ways, styles, lives etc.
For me, about wearing 'tudung', as a Muslim, you should know your responsibility.
I can't tell you you must wear 'tudung'. It's a basic thing as a Muslim woman, you don't need people to tell you such thing.
But, by doing something good only for people, and not for religions, it may not last longer.
Ya, it can be permanent, I don't deny the fact, but it can also be temporary.
Don't you think so?
This is an open question, you can think about it in any ways you want.
All the best Farah. Hope you and Haikal will be happy.
I love you no matter what.


date Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 people love me to “Farah has Changed”

  1. .miss d'ieyna.
    January 13, 2010 at 2:00 AM

    for me..
    if want to change better from ur heart.lagi ikhlas klu mcm tuh.
    if,we change because other people want us to change mebi its not comfortable because itu bukan diri dia yg sebenar.
    and mebi the changed will temporary.
    its my opinion only..;)

  1. Cammy
    January 13, 2010 at 2:18 AM

    cammy - ieyna
    looks like we have the same views.
    i do think so.
    let the change start from our own self.
    just pray for her, hope she'll change for good.